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Unit 3

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Unit 3 Update 

December 1, 2020

Brothers and Sisters

I hope that you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving and have a joyful and safe holiday season. Since the rush to permanently exit the building in October, we have seen things settle to a new normal. We have seen low discipline in the Care and Retention team and COR teams, although QA and OA continue to be issues that we are working on from time to time. Fall is a busy time for the Union. The end of the year brings vacation canvassing and dozens of meetings with the company to haggle over weekly slots, day at a time slots, and demand agreements. Demand agreements were of particular concern since the implementation of Safe and Sick time for all Arizona employees. I am happy to announce that we could retain our existing demand agreements as, for the most part, Safe and Sick time is being used appropriately. Again, we will have 64 hours of Demand for employees with a year or more of service and 32 hours for employees under a year.

While we are on the subject of vacation, remember that as the year comes to an end, we see more time booked on the calendar for vacation, and as people exhaust their time, it is vital to know how much time you have left to use. Per the contract, both the employee and the company have a responsibility to keep track of time, and if you take entitlement when you are out of time, even if granted, it could count as an occurrence. Please also remember you cannot use Safe and Sick time with PDN.

Please keep in mind system time is being watched by the powers that be.  The other big news is that we finally have a work from home agreement agreed to by both the company and our bargaining committee.  

We will be having monthly Unit 3 meetings on the 1st Tuesday of everymonth at 7:15 pm.  Be sure to email for a link or talk to your AVP or Stewards to be invited.

In Unity

John Seeley

Unit 3 AVP

Contact Sheet and Letters of Agreement