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Unit 5 AVP Valeri Dossett

                                       Unit 5 Report April 2017

Hello Unit 5,

Ok there have been a few things going on:

To prepare for the upcoming bargaining with Legacy Qwest the District has asked for our members to fill out the survey below. Please make sure to take some time and send this in. The survey results will be pulled on April 30, 2017 Please click the link below and fill out your survey


Pairgain has been moved to Designed Services. Those crews and work now report to Wendell. The T3 work is in the transitioning stages to Designed Services this is to take up to 6 months. The IOF work will remain in the CO organization The company has advised that CDT’s projected to do that work (provisioning techs) will be formally trained in 2 classes. The first is a pre-req Performance Monitoring, classes should start June ish, the second class is the Ethernet class. No date as of yet. If there is any informal training going on it is in addition to the formal training NOT in lieu of!

The rumor of the company combining crews has been verified as false!

Discussion regarding returned work of Spann recovery, is the tech originally assigned the order will get the order back if they have kicked to cable. Once returned the original tech will extend and get credit for the complete. The cable techs are there to get the cable restored and test good. They will not be given credit for the complete. They will receive credit for their portion of the work.

Apparently the most recent version of the OEPP is 2004, that is what the company has been covering. Just an FYI.


The company is doing a 3 month trial for Sunday coverage, instead of scheduling a COT they trial pager duty . It will be for Sunday 7am-5pm. They will schedule the Sunday pager based on the Saturday rotation schedule if you do not want pager duty you can give away or trade.

Training: if you want training for any part of your job ask for it! If your supervisor is unresponsive, call me 602.688.0020.

Based on headcount roving has began to increase. Everyday there will be the opportunity to rove.

The company has no incidentals as COT’s, therefore the discussion of hiring a contractor to do training for the testability crew.

Unit 5 will be meeting on the Eastside of town May 3rd at 6:30pm-7:30pm. Location: Mesa Public Library, Main Branch, Saguaro Rm. 64 E 1st St Mesa Az.

Our Westside meeting will be May 10th at 6:30pm-7:30pm. Location: Top Shelf Mexican Cantina 3301 W Greenway, in the patio Phx AZ

That’s it for now.

In Unity Valeri Dossett

Unit 5 AVP, 602.688.0020



EASTSIDE - May 3, 2017   6:30 - 7:30 pm

                       Mesa Public Library - Main Branch

                        64 E 1st St - Saguaro Room                                                                     

WESTSIDE - May 10, 2017   6:30 - 7:30 pm

                        Top Shelf Mexican Cantina Patio

                         3301 W Greenway



                                                                       Unit 5 Report
                                                                     February 2017

Here is a quick update, as information is available I will send additional updates,

Recently the company has made some changes regarding the reporting structures of some of our members. The union was notified as follows:

Phoenix Metro - FTL Rebalance

Leadership has evaluated the current Force-to- Load data and determined the following action items that will maximize efficiencies in covering the daily workload:

All Design work currently being performed by Cable Maintenance will transition to Design without the movement of headcount.

Pair gain function will move to the Design Services team effective March 12th.

Over the next six months, the fiber customer facing work will transition T3 to the Design group reporting to Ds AOM. This will create one organization focused on service delivery for business.

Cable Maintenance will move 3 SROs and 40 technicians with their trucks and test sets to I&R to perform Demand cable functions. Cable Maintenance will be responsible for over flow of demand cable work. Technicians will have a start date of March 12th.

The yard locations and number of techs moving to each location is to be determined. SROs will be named at a later date after they have been notified.

There is a push to develop and implement a plan to reduce our BSW expenses.

If you have questions please call your AVP.

In Unity
AVP Unit 5
Valeri Dossett

Please look for unit reports, new Stewards list and Meeting notices on the bulletin boards!

602.688.0020 OR VDOSS7019@GMAIL.COM



                                                                    January 2017

Happy New Year,

This year is sure to be a memorable one! Just as a reminder our contract is coming due in October, we have started having monthly Mobilization meetings these meetings are held the third Thursday of every month at the Union hall 7:30-9pm.

Our next Unit 5 meeting is February 1 at 7pm at the Union hall. Topics of discussion will be new meeting times, 2017 Local Agreements, 49th Hour grievances, 1080 time, 6500 guidelines and more. Please plan to attend this meeting!

Please look for unit reports, new Stewards list and Meeting notices on the bulletin boards!



602.688.0020 OR VDOSS7019@GMAIL.COM

I hear all the time “I don’t get any information”, come to a meeting, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Look at our webpage…There is information out there all you have to do is get engaged! If you have questions call me 602.688.0020! If I don’t have an answer, I’ll get one. We have almost 350 people in our unit with around 100 emails, we must do better!

CO’s: Yes there are still contractors from Nokia in the CO’s pulling dead dips. These contractors are not loaded they are not allowed into any of our systems and cannot and should not be doing ANY regular COT work! Yes they are creating work for the COT’s to go back and fix. These examples need to be reported to your manager. You can also call me with the information. 602.688.0020. As we all know the CO organization lost 9 COT’s to VSPP. The management will be meeting to discuss how they will cover the loads with less. There will be a realignment of orbits, not sure how that looks right now. Also, the use of rovers will be increased. Switch routines will and are being loaded to all COT’s. If you are unclear how to do something call your manager and get trained. Switch work is part of the COT title. There is one contractor doing COT work he was hired as a contractor instead of an incidental. Yes, he is a retired COT.

CDT’s: MOE and GPON will be picking up. If you are interested in getting trained let your manager know.

It is critical that your time is coded correctly! If you are stocking your truck use the 1080 code. Any questions call me 602.688.0020

Yard visits are going to start I will send out info 2 days prior to maximize the notice and attendance. I hope to see you at a yard near you! Don’t forget we get an extra PDP day for Christmas last year and New Years this year. They both should already be banked in your entitlement. That’s it for now!

In Unity

Valeri Dossett

AVP Unit 5


                                                            CWA Local 7019
                                                              Unit 5 Report
                                                               August 2016

Greetings Union Brothers and Sisters,

I am sorry for the delay in my unit report, company budgets are getting spent and my crew gets the work. (Finally) Please see our webpage for your new stewards list and meeting notice. If you can please copy and post everywhere because our unit is VALLEY-WIDE!   So, no matter where you go there Unit 5 is.


There is a project in the CO’s to remove dead jumpers and circuits while consolidating leftovers to remaining facilities. Due to the time frame for this project and their ability to receive a rebate from the power savings the company has hired a contracting company. The due date for this project is end of year. If you are a COT and you have contractors in your office…remember it is still your office, they need to follow your lead on how basics get done. If you have had a conversation with someone and they still do not follow your direction contact your supervisor with a name to get the issues addressed. If you have any questions please call me 602.688.0020


We have 18 outstanding grievances on the 49th hour arbitration award! Yes, that’s right! Awe, you didn’t think they were just going to pay us did you? Well, they didn’t. The company made 2 payments and expected everyone to trust them. Well I don’t and neither should you! If you worked any double time in the last 3 years you may want to verify your pay with your records to see if you have been paid correctly. If you don’t know or its questionable call me 602.688.0020 we can file a grievance.

There have been several other grievances mostly on MV please, drive safe.

It’s really hot right now, tempers are flaring everywhere, please be patient with your co-workers. This company has a zero tolerance for violence in the work place!

Also, remember that if you are called into the boss’s office you have a right to union representation if at any time you feel that meeting may lead to disciplinary action now or in the future! It is your responsibility to ask for a steward.
We have a contract coming due next year….it’s not going to be pretty, if you aren’t already saving you should start. I know everyone hears this is the most important one, depending on where you are in your career it may be, either way this is the time to start going to meetings making noise, wearing your red shirts. It may not seem like much. However, unity is louder than any of us think. When they see all of us in red that sends a clear message! Let’s start sending them a message every week. If you have a red shirt WEAR it if you don’t call me I will get you one. If you know a non-member stop talking to them and let them know we are ALL sick to death of carrying them on our backs!! Sign a CARD!! That’s all for now.

We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

In Unity,
Valeri Dossett
AVP Unit 5


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